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Top 5 Delectable Asian Foods

Food always plays an integral part in defining a country’s culture. Asian is no different as it boosts of exquisite culture that comes along with some of the most mouth-watering recipes in the world. From the Hawaiian chicken kabobs to the Japanese Mum’s chicken, the Asian food recipes will push you taste buds to the limits due to the delicacy of the foods Asian food. Ostensibly the country that adds more Asian food receiptsis China. Its rich and colorful traditions bear some of the delectable foods in Asia. Hereare some of the creams of the cream Asian food recipe,

The Bourbon chicken

If there is a recipe that takes home the lions share in its delectability in the Asian food recipe, then it must be the bourbon chicken.  It will be nice to know that the name Bourbon chicken is named after Bourbon Street in New Orleans due to the bourbon whiskey that is part of the ingredients in preparing the bourbon chicken. This cuisine is mostly found in China. After preparing it, it would be wise to eat it with hot rice because the go down really good.

Hoisin wraps

Actually this food is a snack and takes 5 minutes to prepare. Once ready to eat you can add hoisin sauces that are mainly found in Asian supermarket. The best part of this delightful Asian food snack, is that it can be prepared from chicken, pork or even beef. They have on the recent times been termed as Chinese traditional pancakes.

Crispy chilli beef

This Chinese cuisine adds weights to the chain of delightful Asian food recipes it takes 25 minutes to prepare it. Basically it consists of flash-fried steak with red peepers and to spice the taste a sweet gingery sauce is added. For those who don’t like red peppers, the crispy shredded beef can be enjoyed per se without the red peppers.

The Japanese mums chicken

Japanese mums chicken is quite a funny name for such a fabulously tasty Japanese food. It takes at least 8 chicken thighs to prepare it, so it has to me yummy at all cost. The Japanese mums chicken takes about 50 minutes to prepare. Some nutrition facts to the Japanese mums chicken is that the total number of calories you will ingest are 192.6

Szechuan noodles with spicy beef sauce

This is the perfect dish for all those who have mad love for spicy foods. The noodles on it make it one of the most preferred pasta dishes in the list of Asian food recipe. The meat on the Szechuan noodles with spicy sauce can be substituted with meatless burger patties so that vegetarians can savor this exquisite cuisine from Asia. Double sauce it for tastier, saucier taste .On a lighter note this Szechuan noodles with spicy beef sauce are known as Yakisoba in the military halls in a local dialect in China.

China has to receive thumbs up for adding more savory foods to the Asian food receipts.


Top 5 Chinese Foods People Love

If there is a cuisine that is a darling to the masses and enjoys high reputation worldwide then it must be the Chinese food. The Chinese cuisines are complex, their exquisite and pristine herbs and sauces usually give the food an appetizing and tempting aroma. Just a perfect torture mechanism for your taste buds. Just staring at a Chinese food on a plate will tempt you to take a bite or ingest the whole plate down.

If you travel around the world in big cities you will never miss an establishment that offers ‘native’ Chinese foods. To authenticate this love for Chinese foods, this article will point out at top five Chinese foods that people love.


This is probably the most common food across Asian and its origin is China. There is even a popular saying that says ‘the southern Chinese love their rice, while the northern Chinese love their noodles”.

The Chinese noodles are very flexible in how to be cooked. You can stir-fry them, boil them or even blanch them. There also different types of noodles namely; egg noodles, fresh rice noodles, cellophane noodles and dried rice noodles.


Rice and noodles go hand in hand as they can be used as substitute for one another. Nothing much to write about rice because it’s ‘a dime a dozen’ in many parts of the world. But it is a Chinese Foodneedless to say.

Dim sum (Cantonese)

This is a traditional Chinese food in which small portions of varicose foods are served in succession. You will be served with assortment of steamed of fried dumpling. You may also be served with various tea to escort food down your throat. This is probably the best way to sample Chinese Cuisine. Dim Sum dishes also include egg tarts, sesame balls, shrimp dumplings, barbeque pork buns and chicken feet.

Roast duck

This has to be the most savory Chinese food. It is loved by many for its sweetness. There are two ways of preparing the roast duck in China, the Cantonese and Beijing style.

Apparently the duck is fattened then killed. It’s then given the first roast in a brick oven after which it is hanged to dry. Then comes the glazing with syrup after which the second roasting takes place. When ready to eat, the serving is done in three stages, first the skin is served on its own, then the meat can be eaten with scallion and wrapped in a pancake then last and not the least the bones are boiled to make soup.

Xiao Long Bao

The words Xiao Long Boa simply means ‘little baskets buns’. They look funny but let that not delude from thinking that they are not tasty. This ‘buns’ if I may use that word, are usually stuffed with either pork or crab meat and are also filled with piping hot soup that waits until you bite it then it sweetly explodes the soup in your mouth. The buns are either steamed or fried and are usually served in a bamboo basket. Always make sure that the skins of the Xiao Long Bao are thick so that they do not explode before reaching the mouth.

Tips on How to Do Food Photography


If you want to try some food photography then there are some tricks you need to master, in order to get your act right. You have at one point come across those perfectly capture food photographs that send your appetite to a realm of temptation and your mouth can’t help but open the salivary gates. You can also come up with such alluring food photos.

Food photography has been gaining grounds in recent times and some individuals’ have made a career out of food photography. While others do it for commercial purposes, others do it just for fun. Like when you are on holiday and you take photo for reminisce purposes. Here are a few basic tips to make you a guru in the arena of food photography:

Choose the right camera

This is the first step in ensuring that you will end up with mouth-watering food photos. Make sure you chose with a higher megapixel value, it has to have good lenses and a big hard drive to store the photos you take.

Use natural light

In the photography field they say lighting is everything. Natural light is the best when it comes to food photography. There are some lightening specialists that have been able to come up with a close replica to natural light, but it would cost you dearly for this equipment. So why bother when God bless you with natural light from sunrise to sunset different natural lights tell different modes for example on a sunny day the picture would be lively as compared to a cloudy day. So know how to tell the mood of the natural knight and also know how to capitalize the direction of the light.

Pick the freshest ingredients

Nobody wants to view at food photographs that look pale. If you are photographing vegetables go for the ones with lively lusters and contours. Do away with the wrinkled and scarred or damaged vegetables as you might end up with sorry looking photographs.

Let it be plainly simple

Simplicity sells. These are the words that should be ringing in your mind when you are taking these photographs. It the table is crowded with food, do away with the ones that you don’t actually need. Remember at times more is less and less is more.

Be creative

Creativity must take the lions share if you are to come with breath taking food photographs. Chose nice plates but make sure they are not colorfully patterned as this might result to the plate standing out more than the food which is supposed to be the key focus. Also make sure you use some extra props like raw ingredients.

Shot at different angles

Make sure that the photos tell it all. Different angles of the plate will make the person viewing the photos, interest grow.

Make a before and after shot

Let your photos be a story you are telling to an audience. Food photography should capture a story of the food. Showing different shots at different cooking stages helps people to understand and relate with the final image.