How To Eat Sushi Properly


Eating sushi can be fun if you really know how to do it and you are comfortable with the way you are eating it, but alas! It might turn out to be a real nightmare if don’t know how to eat sushi right and probably you have been taken out for a dinner. The best you can do there is staring at the sushi as if you want it to jump into your mouth and save you the embarrassment. If you are in that category people then this article is your knight in a shining amour, for it shall teach you how to eat sushi properly.

Even if you haven’t yet met the how to eat sushi properly challenge, then you must understand that sushi is speedily gaining grounds in other parts of the world and it might be prudent to know how to eat sushi properly. Here are a few helpful sushi eating tactics that will leave you a pro in how to eat sushi properly;

Choose the best sushi restaurant

This is the best way to start in how to eat sushi properly, because a reputable sushi restaurant will ensure that you are served with topnotch sushi. It might ruin your experience if you choose to go to a poor restaurant that in turn will serve you poor sushi. You might end up hating sushi thereafter

At times because the chef knows the best sushi for starters it would be wise if you let him choose the apt sushi for you. This Is called Omakase dining in Japanese dialect. The chef is known as the Itamae. With this knowledge, the sushi chef (Itanae) will treat you a lot better because it shows you respect them.

Order one sushi at a time

After you settle down and you are ready to make your order, make sure you order one sushi cruising at a time. In the Japanese culture this speaks volumes of your politeness.

Wash your hands before eating sushi

This is probably the trickiest part in how to eat sushi properly, because you are also given the opportunity to use chop sticks. Go ahead and use the chopsticks if you know your way in maneuvering how to eat with the chop sticks. But if don’t have a clue on how to eat sushi with chop stick, simply use your hand. It is perfectly acceptable to use your hands to eat sushi even in the Japanese traditions.

Eat sushi in one bite

Once you pick sushi from your plate eat it with a single bite or even two bite bit don’t put back the bitten piece of sushi back to your plate. It shows well-polished manners if you keep the bitten sushi up, in the chop stick or your hands, ready to be eaten.

The rice side of the sushi should always be held up

With the rice held in an upright position, this ensures that the rice doesn’t fall into the soy source once you dip the sushi into the sauce. Make sure you go slowly on the soy sauce thought

Last and not the least clear your plate. It is impolite to leave even a grain of rice.

Tips on How to Do Food Photography


If you want to try some food photography then there are some tricks you need to master, in order to get your act right. You have at one point come across those perfectly capture food photographs that send your appetite to a realm of temptation and your mouth can’t help but open the salivary gates. You can also come up with such alluring food photos.

Food photography has been gaining grounds in recent times and some individuals’ have made a career out of food photography. While others do it for commercial purposes, others do it just for fun. Like when you are on holiday and you take photo for reminisce purposes. Here are a few basic tips to make you a guru in the arena of food photography:

Choose the right camera

This is the first step in ensuring that you will end up with mouth-watering food photos. Make sure you chose with a higher megapixel value, it has to have good lenses and a big hard drive to store the photos you take.

Use natural light

In the photography field they say lighting is everything. Natural light is the best when it comes to food photography. There are some lightening specialists that have been able to come up with a close replica to natural light, but it would cost you dearly for this equipment. So why bother when God bless you with natural light from sunrise to sunset different natural lights tell different modes for example on a sunny day the picture would be lively as compared to a cloudy day. So know how to tell the mood of the natural knight and also know how to capitalize the direction of the light.

Pick the freshest ingredients

Nobody wants to view at food photographs that look pale. If you are photographing vegetables go for the ones with lively lusters and contours. Do away with the wrinkled and scarred or damaged vegetables as you might end up with sorry looking photographs.

Let it be plainly simple

Simplicity sells. These are the words that should be ringing in your mind when you are taking these photographs. It the table is crowded with food, do away with the ones that you don’t actually need. Remember at times more is less and less is more.

Be creative

Creativity must take the lions share if you are to come with breath taking food photographs. Chose nice plates but make sure they are not colorfully patterned as this might result to the plate standing out more than the food which is supposed to be the key focus. Also make sure you use some extra props like raw ingredients.

Shot at different angles

Make sure that the photos tell it all. Different angles of the plate will make the person viewing the photos, interest grow.

Make a before and after shot

Let your photos be a story you are telling to an audience. Food photography should capture a story of the food. Showing different shots at different cooking stages helps people to understand and relate with the final image.